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Shock Weightloss Surprise! The Migently Mystery Solved!

Before and After

Where has Sir Roger been? Why has he been absent from his adoring public?

Well, first and least, how could Sir Roger satirise Australian politics any more than Australia’s laughingstock politicians were doing by themselves? How could he point out the ridiculous any more clearly than the ridiculous politicians themselves? It is an unavoidable fact that Australian politics in 2012 are beyond absurd.

It is also an unavoidable fact that the Australian people do not deserve these appalling, self-serving, lying, cheating, machine room rabble.

There are various intelligences. Ordinary general intelligence is one of them. It may be necessary but it far from sufficient. More important are emotional, moral and social intelligence.

Sir Roger is also totally conflicted. He can’t stand Gillard or Rudd both of whom have above average general intelligence and both of whom lack emotional, moral and social intelligence. How can one vote for such awfulness and allow them to ionflict themselves any longer on Australia? But then Tony Abbott lacks all four modes of intelligence. He is terminally gullible and intellectually dishonest apart from being transparently dishonest. Abbott is impossible to vote for.

So who is left? The Greens? They’re certainly more honest and more intelligent in most ways but they can’t step up in their present state especially with the extremists hanging on.

So that’s one reason why Sir Roger has been silent. What could he say?

The big reason for Sir Roger’s silence is that he has been working on his weight loss book, Weightloss Without Willpower. Sir Roger hasn’t made much of it here but he has lost a lot of weight recently. Intentionally, of course. And he decided to share his system by writing a book. It is now available on Amazon.

And just for now you can download the coaching audio/s for free. Check it out!

And welcome back, Sir Roger!

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