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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "USA"

Wikileaks Petition – Urgent

GetUp needs 100,000 signatures for its Wikileaks petition before its ad goes in the NY Times. If you wanted to do something about Julian Assange this can be it

Spectacular NASA Space Shuttle Footage

Your heart will pound, your jaw will drop, your tongue will flop to the floor, your brain will expand. You’ll want to be a spaceman or spacewoman all over again

Wikileaks Cablegate and Hunter S. Thompson

What has changed, what the fuss is really about, is that the US Government has lost the most precious protection of a professional liar: plausible deniability.

Jon Stewart Restores Sanity

Can’t help drawing a parallel between Jon Stewart’s speech and Obama’s at the Democrat Convention when Al Gore was nominated for President.

Take a Sacrilege Break from the B-Graders For a Moment

Here’s what Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Founding Father, said about religion in a letter to Adams:

Ike’s Insight

Dwight Eisenhower, a 5-star General and Republican President, would nowadays be regarded by most Republicans as a pussy, a commie and a traitor.

URGENT: Roger Waters Touring Pink Floyd’s THE WALL in 2010

Roger Waters is touring The Wall from 15 Sept to 13 Dec 2010, through the US & Canada. You can apply for presale tickets for a better chance of getting tickets

Brown Stains Pt 1

It sends a shiver of disgust down the spine hearing Gordon Brown trying to put moral distance between himself and the million or so Iraqis he has helped to kill

OMG! [Hullo…? Is Anyone There? Hullo…?]

reat news from the USA! Atheism is on the rise. But never mind. Ruthless biblethumpers can still make their millions for a while.

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