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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "Tony Abbott"

Lord Roger Migently?

  Sir Roger Migently, as you must surely realise, has been quite unwell. He has been managed like an unlucky skier in an induced coma these many months since September 2013, when the floor of the Migently Mansions entertainment complex collapsed beneath him and he landed heavily on his Conservatory, hitting his head repeatedly against the wall. […]

A Moron in a Hurry – Part 4 (Final)

Drawing by the extraordinary Doctor King .  Men and Whitlam of Australia, not to forget the moron in a hurry, it’s time to bid farewell to old plinth-bound, red-taped Goth the Whittler, his soul, his vision and his legacy chained and frozen in stone within the walls of the Wiblam Edifice, protected by the Hooded […]

War Criminal Howard, Jolly Joe and Mr Rabbit

War criminal Howard has become more unbearable than ever. On top of his strutting arrogance is a smugness to compensate for being such an abject, public failure

Tony Abbott’s Amazing New Skill: ‘Slug Whisperer’

It’s hard to look dignified with your bum in the air and your nose sticky with Molluscan mucus trying to convince the stupid gastropods to see it your way.

Let Us Prey

Leader of the world’s largest organised paedophile ring has been greeted by QEII with the courtesy due the head of a globally-tentacled society of child rapists

Hmm. Whom Does This Remind You Of?

Watching the bible-bashing Liberal MP David Clarke ranting on Stateline why was one reminded of right-wing shill Alan Jones and flatulent royalist David Flint

Bringing Home the Tony Abbott Egg

How cute the pretty little egg looks! See the rest of the story at the “Perry Bible Fellowship” website …

Action-Contract Man Said WHAT?

GetUp’s Tony Abbott tv commercial – Abbott’s stated opinions on women’s, indigenous and other issues coming back, to haunt him. You can donate to get it on air.

The Abbott Experiment: ‘Not Yet’

Migently Manor’s dungeon echoed with the chortling of Sir Roger as he pedalled the groaning machinery of his ancient media laboratory to bring forth…

PROOF Lying Tony Abbott and the Lying Liberal Party are Liars

Oh, Mr Liar Abbott, your pants are SO on fire!! Take a look at this. What is wrong with this picture from the latest lying Liberal Party commercial?

I Am Not A Racist But … 2

How about a bit of slippery language? Forget that cynical “Pacific Solution” with the promise of Peace and Closure. Now it’s the “Regional Protection Framework”

Just the Training a Smuggled Budgie Needs

We’ve found the tapes in the vault! The Mad Monk doesn’t need an acting coach after all. He can “soften his image” without lying about not doing it any more.

All Smuggle, No Budgie

    Let Values Australia be the first to break the news! We have discovered why we think Tony Abbott keeps running around in budgie smugglers (about which one wise man wrote, “all smuggle and no budgie”). It goes like this: Vlad Putin > Rasputin > the Mad Monk > the Mad Abbott. And that […]

Escalators Can’t Break

they voluntarily clap on their chains, hood their heads and lock their prison doors, while offering up a prayer of gratitude for their relief from uncertainty

Tony Abbott – Guilty of ‘Logical Manslaughter’

Tony Abbott wants Peter Garrett to be charged with “Industrial Manslaughter”. But has he always felt so strongly about the appropriateness of this concept?

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