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Archive for the tag "TED"

NSW Politicians are Idiots and Slime

Sir Roger tells me he really didn’t want to have to write anything today. He has a new pair of Wellington boots and they are chafing his heels. He just wants to put his feet up and go to that nothing box men go to where women are not allowed. Perhaps this will help you […]

Being Wrong

Being wrong is hard for most of us to take. I watch men in their cars with women, fiercely laying down with utter conviction the way the world really works. Of course I don’t actually know what they’re talking about but like them I think I’m definitely right. Neverthless I always smile knowingly in my […]

New! Ted Robinson on Education

Sir Ken Robinson PhD is inspiring and hilarious. His first TED talk is the most popular ever. This one is an animation of the RSA talk that he gave this year.

How To Write to Your MP

You may be roused by recent events to write to your local member. Here’s an entertaining tutorial on how to do that effectively. It’s from TED, so good, right?

Another Brilliant TED Talk

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

Child-driven Education: Sugata Mitra on TED

Take a moment to be inspired and amazed by something incredible that is going to change your world and that you probably didn’t even know about.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Found this, liked it, posted it. Wise, wise, wise.

Stewart Brand – Whole Earth Hero – on TED

In the Whole Earth Catalog my first words were, “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”
The first words of Whole Earth Discipline are, “We are as gods and have to get good at it.”

Sam Harris on TED

Sam Harris’s TED Talk will challenge even many heathens and infidels as he takes on the Christians’ last stand – that you can’t be moral without a god

Open Data – Tim Berners-Lee

A year after Tim Berber’s Lee’s plea for Open Source Data on TED Talks: some remarkable achievements. And Microsoft’s Pivot software. The future of the web?

What Makes You Happy

Daniel Kahneman’s TED Talk confirms Sir Roger’s deep and lengthy investigations into the nature of happiness. Sir Roger is therefore happy (in retrospect).

Shermer on TED; Cleese on the Brain

Academic Michael Shermer makes fun of a lot of bad rubbish, bogus ideas and plain dumb thinking. John Cleese makes fun of academics.

Happy ChriFSMas

Happy Christmas, or Xmas, or Saturnalia, or Mithraismas, or Festival of Sol Invictus, or whatever dodgy god-bothering suits your fancy…

The Secrets of Success

Richard St. John, in his extremely popular and highly entertaining TED Talk says there eight secrets of success and you need each one in place.

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