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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

Bullying and Schools

Just so we get clear about bullying….the world is awash with bullying. It’s not just schools. The Taliban are bullies. George W. Bush is a bully on a grand scale. Hitler was a bully on an even grander scale than George Bush. The Israelis are bullies who made the classic switch from victim to perpetrator. […]

We’re At War!

It’s understandable that ignorant journalists get it wrong when the agenda for them is to become famous and be glamorous and who cares about the boring facts.

Mixed Dating? Have a Rock to the Head!

When these Indian boys find mixed religion couples they bash them, sometimes with a rock to the head. Now that’s the way to prove your views are correct!

Richard Glover Lacks Sense of Humour About Atheists

Who can forget the hilarity of the Spanish Inquisition? The Taliban’s side-splitting public executions of women in the Kabul soccer stadium?

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