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Archive for the tag "scientific values"

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Extraordinary images! When Sir Roger found this image he was very sceptical. He’s seen he’s never seen one like this. He checked. It’s real!

Insidious Worm (No, not you, Tony)

This dreadful virus attacked Sir Roger’s computer just two nights ago.

‘Power Balance’ or ‘Placebo’?

So here’s a heads-up for the new year about how gullible people can be and how ignorant and stupid celebrities can be (or maybe they’re just greedy).

Happy Birthday Carl Sagan (Decline and Fall)

Carl Sagan’s birthday present was delivered with a big bang by the Large Hadron Collider this week. Meanwhile a US politician bases science policy on Genesis.

Equal Time for Every Theory? – Ønion News

Fresh Onion! Armageddon vs Global Warming cataclysm. Also, why not teach the Science of Prayer beside the science of Medicine in the Science Classroom?

Shermer on TED; Cleese on the Brain

Academic Michael Shermer makes fun of a lot of bad rubbish, bogus ideas and plain dumb thinking. John Cleese makes fun of academics.

Hair Colour Company Makes Scientific Breakthrough!

Clairol, the home hair colour company has clearly been involving itself in pure science and advanced our understanding of the fundamentals of our universe(s).

Wonderful! Wonderful! Copenhagen?

The biggest controversy over global warming is not those emails but how to pronounce “Copenhagen” and debate between an intelligent man and an arsehole. Really!

OMG! Climate Hoax Conspiracy Monster!

Those damned stupid climate scientists at Exeter University, involving themselves in the scientific process and debating the climate science and the interpretations of the data! How could they!

Google’s Privacy Option and the Universe

Head food: Science the way you like it. How come the universe is so smooth and uniform? Is it because… Plus, Google’s new plan to allow people to opt out

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