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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "Ruddock"

Soul Murder

“Soul murder” — not a phrase one comes across every day.   By Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0, Sir Roger was listening to the ABC Science Show today. It was Robyn Williams’ homage to Oliver Sacks (Awakenings, The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat, Seeing Voices, Uncle Tungsten etc. etc. […]

Don’t Come to Australia Or the Kid Gets It!

  So Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is moved by humanitarian motives. Probably in the same way as his predecessor Philip Ruddock was a fair dinkum believer in the values of Amnesty International while he was ruthlessly screwing the lives of countless fellow human beings. “Let your heart bleed publicly for the oppressed while cruelly oppressing […]

Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and the Red Cordial

With the recent burst of enthusiasm in Canberra the lesson to be learnt from it all is Don’t Let Unionists and the NSW Right Drink the Red Cordial.

Julie Bishop Death Stare

Values Australia has signed up as a member of “Julie Bishop’s Death Stare” on Facebook. Here’s why…

Bring It On!

There are four people we’d love to see as the next Leader of the Opposition to be career-endingly humiliated, if Malcolm Turnbull jumps, or gets the shove…

Rights of Man

John Howard is against a Bill of Rights and that’s enough for us. The little shit has always been so wrong that anything he is against is certain to be right

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