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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

The Next Big “Sorry”

Want a long-range heads-up? The question we should be asking Abbott and Gillard and all of their various immigration spokespeople right now is this: How do you feel about the inevitability that – possibly in your lifetime – a future Prime Minister of Australia will stand up in Parliament to make a heartfelt apology on […]

I Am Not A Racist But … 2

How about a bit of slippery language? Forget that cynical “Pacific Solution” with the promise of Peace and Closure. Now it’s the “Regional Protection Framework”

I’m Not a Racist But …

Well, the Lego-haired Gillard has been whistling the dingo dogs. Of course, when you whistle the dogs these days you have to be slightly more refined.

Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and the Red Cordial

With the recent burst of enthusiasm in Canberra the lesson to be learnt from it all is Don’t Let Unionists and the NSW Right Drink the Red Cordial.

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