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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "principles"

Obama – ‘In order to save the village…’

Can’t decide whether the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will now feel sorry for their choice of Obama, or vindicated by his speech.

A Sweet Savour Unto the Lord

The Liberals and Nationals are positioning themselves way to the far looney right of Australian politics, like the teminally-twitching Republicans in the US.

World’s Most Corrupt Countries

Transparency International has released its Corruption Perceptions Index for 2009. There are some very surprising results

Wall Street Bankers’ Bonuses

Wall Street Bankers’ Bonuses – the cartoon

A Pile of Shit is no Profiterole Cake

when you know you’re confronted by a pile of shit – politicians’ lies, corporate propaganda and media trivia for example – it’s refreshing when there’s someone who has the guts and the intellect to name it for what it is

i-Howard 2.0

It is now clear that Kevin Rudd is not leading a Labor Party. He is channeling a dead man while he is still alive. He is Howard’s Mini-Me, i-Suck, 2.0

What the Fox?!

Fox News defends itself against an attack by the Obama administration by explaining that most of their shows aren’t real news. Plus: your candy is cursed!

Ass-Kicking Suh-Siss-Ticks

Sure, we’re intelligent enough to work out what you mean but, frankly, we’d rather be using our brains for other, far more interesting, things than translating your strange pronunciation, helping you make sense in public, and working out your weird logic.

Oil Swill?

Who was responsible for approving the oil drilling contract? Who prepared, and who approved the EIS that the company would have been required to provide?

Visa Bob‘s Dept Ruins Yet Another Life

I know it’s unlovely but, Bob, I can’t help this smug feeling. Yet another “bad event, serious error, terrible circumstance.” Yet another wrongful detention

Obama Does It Again

Obama’s 9/11 speech is all recycled, cliche, placebo, platitude, childish for a people programmed to be infantile by a media culture of fear and dependence.

Defence Portfolio

Gillard is full of words, void of content. She is quite absent. The only clue to her is that excruciating pain, as if your corneas are being scraped off

But Seriously – NSW?

what can be said about the NSW government and John Dellabosca?

Rights of Man

John Howard is against a Bill of Rights and that’s enough for us. The little shit has always been so wrong that anything he is against is certain to be right

Peter Garrett’s Full Political Career

Peter Garrett’s political career – then: cardboard cutout; now: blancmange

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