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pope horhay

Sir Roger was thinking about the new pope today, his jesuitical casuistry and his statement that “if we do not proclaim jesus christ something is wrong … we would end up a compassionate NGO.

Louis CK Uncovers the Catholic Church

  How far is this from the truth about the Catholic Church? Especially the last line?    


Sir Roger is grateful for the unending genius of Mr Fish

Just Give Her an AM For Fuck’s Sake

MacKillop was probably a good bloke. But the bullshit of her canonisation, swamping a sceptical nation, is exasperating. And who is the patron saint of eunuchs?

Fiery Dawkins Takes On Ratzinger

On Saturday there was a “Protest The Pope” rally in London which 10-15,000 people attended and heard Richard Dawkins speak.

Bankruptcy and Lies

I wish the whole lying, damaging, exploitative, self-serving, illusory, man-made pretence that is religion would go away so I didn’t need to talk about it

Let Us Prey

Leader of the world’s largest organised paedophile ring has been greeted by QEII with the courtesy due the head of a globally-tentacled society of child rapists

Immaculately Conceived – the Ad They Banned

This ad was banned because a pregnant nun might be seen as a mockery of Catholics’ beliefs. How about, the beliefs of Roman Catholics deserve to be mocked?

UK to Pay £20m to Criminal Gang

Who in their right mind would pay all the enormous expenses of a promotional tour for the “Holy Father” to come to your country to spruik his snake oil?

Sir Roger Gets Ogd

a new, an alien, religion. Such powerful theatre, wondrous ceremony, gorgeous ritual and exotic ultra-dimension beings from the infinite corners of the universe

Which Way to Jump?

The idea of the dreadful Pell getting the hell out of Australia is a delight. But then there’s the idea of Pell’s corrosive influence being magnified worldwide.

Dear Bene: ‘…the occasional hand job…? Please?’

Dozens of women have written to Pope Benedict asking if Roman Catholic priests can be allowed the occasional hand job.

Why NOT Benny Condoms?

The Catholic Church, hijacked into a militaristic system by a mad emperor in the 4th Century, is anchored in 6000 year-old anxieties of desert tribal culture

The Pope Song

Well, it’s Sunday, so you know what that means: Blasphemy! Irreverence! and today: Tim Minchin’s Pope Song! Potentially OFFENSIVE! but you know what to expect

Pope Vows To Get Church Pedophilia Down To Acceptable Levels

Pope Benedict XVI vowed this week to bring the widespread pedophilia within the Roman Catholic Church down to a more manageable level.

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