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Archive for the tag "poetry"

On War: Notes to My Son

…and to yours, and to all of us.        Sir Roger is currently in the land of the poppy but not near Flanders fields. Yet there are poppies here in the South of France and the whiff of war and bloody conflict is inescapably faintly background to all. And so it was a cold and […]

Being Wrong

Being wrong is hard for most of us to take. I watch men in their cars with women, fiercely laying down with utter conviction the way the world really works. Of course I don’t actually know what they’re talking about but like them I think I’m definitely right. Neverthless I always smile knowingly in my […]

I, Lover!

For Strayaday – Three pomes. The first written under the Poa Tree, the birthplace of Australian cultchooreay where A.B. (Alan Border) Paterson used to camp.

Football! Football! Football!

There is some sort of kickfest going on and one or two people are becoming slightly excited in the key of B flat. These two films will help you understand why

Shatner Does Palin

William Shatner reads Palin’s “poetry”. If you missed it, here it is. Unmissable. Unforgettable.

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