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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "Pharyngula"

Rag Bag. Fun Bag.

Amazing 2.5 yr-old shows how to play with iPad. Climate Denial Crock of the Week. We are Neanderthals! Yes! Prime Minister. Borders special on fiction.

Something Brewing in the Tea Party

America’s Tea Baggers want to know what we think of them. Have fun with this poll!

One Thing Led to Her Mother …

if you like your cause-and-effect “gee-whizzz!” then take a look at this falling dominoes video from OK, Go

Vatican Rag Outrage

religious zealots and catholic crackpots taking over civil society to spread their preposterous beliefs and protect their absurdities from public critical scutiny. So the Republic of Ireland has just brought in its new Blasphemy Law. Not everyone is happy about that, including Atheist Ireland which has published a list of 25 so-called “blasphemies”.

Discworld’s Pratchett on Jehovah

Discworld’s Terry Pratchett explains his cosmology – or to put it another way, why he doesn’t believe in “god”. Plus “Sumerians confused as god creates world”

‘this pathetic bleating for shelter from skepticism’

PZ MYers says, “religion should be strong enough to stand against academic rudeness and mockery without this pathetic bleating for shelter from skepticism.”

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