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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "peace"

Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

Israel’s ‘Peace’ Offensive Offensive

It’s hard to get unbiased views on Gaza. You might discount Al Jazeera or Tony Blair but not the UN. Sir Roger did some research and recommends reading it all

Obama – ‘In order to save the village…’

Can’t decide whether the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will now feel sorry for their choice of Obama, or vindicated by his speech.

LOLCats with a Vengeance!

It’s enough to make you want to just give up and forget it all and look at some funny cat video.

Jon Stewart Needs Your Help

Jon Stewart hosted the Israel/Palestine peace activists Anna Baltzer and Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. The angry response from the Pro-Israel crowd resulted in a backlash against the show for even having the discussion

History? What a Joke! LOL!

…college howlers collected over many years by a History Professor. Here are a few excerpts that had us falling off our throne (for you young things, ROFLMAO)

Don’t Mention Kent State!

A righteous President taking the high moral ground would never avoid (for fear of the obvious hypocrisy) mentioning any strikingly similar event that might have happened in his own country, would he?

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