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Archive for the tag "NSW"

Three Wishes – xkcd

Some things are just wrong. And xkcd knows where they are: in your head. What are your three wishes, readers? And who do you really want to be rubbing your lamp? And here’s two genies for the price of one. It’s mine, mine, all mine! I’m rich! I’m independently wealthy! I’m comfortably well off! Why […]

NSW Election Result

Just a heads up on the NSW election result. As you already know – and here’s something you can bank on – despite all the talk of “change” and “new eras in NSW politics”, nothing is going to change except the names of the people who take the money and the names of the “mates”. […]

NSW Politicians are Idiots and Slime

Sir Roger tells me he really didn’t want to have to write anything today. He has a new pair of Wellington boots and they are chafing his heels. He just wants to put his feet up and go to that nothing box men go to where women are not allowed. Perhaps this will help you […]

Hmm. Whom Does This Remind You Of?

Watching the bible-bashing Liberal MP David Clarke ranting on Stateline why was one reminded of right-wing shill Alan Jones and flatulent royalist David Flint

Seats to Watch on Saturday

These are seats to watch tomorrow night, according to the betting markets. The outcome – hung or not – could hinge on these two:

UK to Pay £20m to Criminal Gang

Who in their right mind would pay all the enormous expenses of a promotional tour for the “Holy Father” to come to your country to spruik his snake oil?

Something Brewing in the Tea Party

America’s Tea Baggers want to know what we think of them. Have fun with this poll!

Krystal Klearly Speaks Out – Secret Recording

New Pre-Meer, Krystal Klearly – Puppet, Poppet and Papist – has made it crystal clear that she is just another clone of every other loser to roll a sitting political leader.

NSW ALP Goes One Better

Yes, NSW Labor, determined to show the Liberals “anything you can do I can do better” are in the process of demonstrating that they can have a pointless bloodletting not just in Opposition but even in power.

But Seriously – NSW?

what can be said about the NSW government and John Dellabosca?

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