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Emile Zola

  So in the Cimitière Montmartre I found one of my heroes. Émile Zola   That is to say, I found the memorial. He is interred at the Panthéon. Why a hero? Amongst his many writings Emile Zola wrote this, which is as relevant today in our political discourse and climate as it was almost […]

Shock Weightloss Surprise! The Migently Mystery Solved!

Where has Sir Roger been? Why has he been absent from his adoring public? Well, first and least, how could Sir Roger satirise Australian politics any more than Australia’s laughingstock politicians were doing by themselves? How could he point out the ridiculous any more clearly than the ridiculous politicians themselves? It is an unavoidable fact […]

NSW Politicians are Idiots and Slime

Sir Roger tells me he really didn’t want to have to write anything today. He has a new pair of Wellington boots and they are chafing his heels. He just wants to put his feet up and go to that nothing box men go to where women are not allowed. Perhaps this will help you […]

Let’s Get This Straight

We got what we wanted: we gave both bastards a thumping. And they are both going to have to fight the toughest, most delicate political games of their lives.

Hmm. Whom Does This Remind You Of?

Watching the bible-bashing Liberal MP David Clarke ranting on Stateline why was one reminded of right-wing shill Alan Jones and flatulent royalist David Flint

Perfectly Balanced

Has there ever been an election outcome like it? It simply couldn’t be closer right at the moment with the 2PP at precisely 50% each.

Swing? What Swing?

the Swing to “Informal”, at 1.69%, was larger than the swing to the Liberals (0.62%), or any other opposition party. But the swing to the Greens was 3.53%.

For Those Afraid to Vote …

The election in a nutshell – and in Mandarin. And how the Sex Party fits in (if you’ll pardon the expression).

Seats to Watch on Saturday

These are seats to watch tomorrow night, according to the betting markets. The outcome – hung or not – could hinge on these two:

Possum’s 2010 Election Simulation

Possum Pollytics has his election results simulation up now. Well worth a read and a look even if …

It’s a Cliffhanger!

We have a nailbiter, yes, but it’s not the overall result which still looks pretty much assured. The real cliffhanger is …

Action-Contract Man Unsmuggles the Budgie

The pundits say the election is Abbott’s to lose but from the betting it’s still actually Labor’s to lose. Meanwhile Action-Contract Man unsmuggles the Budgie

Oh my … Hold Tight

Betting on the Australian election shows nothing working for Labor but the money is still with Labor. Should the Resurrected Kev Effect be kicking in by now?

Australian Election Betting Trend Friday 6 August

Australian Election Betting Trend, Friday 6 August, according to worldwide betting agencies.

Election Odds & the Campaign Brick Test

And now, here is a dramatic video of what Julia hopes will happen next. Imagine Kevin Rudd is the brick and the washing machine is Tony Abbott’s career ….

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