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Liberal Party

  Feel free …   No really. Pin it, fb it, tweet it, email it. With Sir Roger’s blessing. Just don’t join the liberal party really. 

Libya – What Urgent Really Means

Urgent? What a joke! This morning Sir Roger explosively sprayed the breakfast linen with half-chewed soldiers, the boiled egg in which he’d been dunking them and the Dom he’d being trying to wash it all down with, before bursting into such loud and violent laughter that his butler was so alarmed that he stood behind […]

Point of (Bad) Odour!

One of the things that so disappoints me about the election result is that I am the standard bearer for values and ideals which matter,” babbled Mr Abbott

Towards a Well-Hung Australia

So here’s how it looks for the outcome of the election if the people with connections and political savvy and heaps of money to risk were deciding the vote

Historic Day for Democracy?

Historic day for democracy? So when Howard’s Senate changed the Act in 2006 there must have been rioting in the streets? Or the army was out to restore order?

PROOF Lying Tony Abbott and the Lying Liberal Party are Liars

Oh, Mr Liar Abbott, your pants are SO on fire!! Take a look at this. What is wrong with this picture from the latest lying Liberal Party commercial?

All Smuggle, No Budgie

    Let Values Australia be the first to break the news! We have discovered why we think Tony Abbott keeps running around in budgie smugglers (about which one wise man wrote, “all smuggle and no budgie”). It goes like this: Vlad Putin > Rasputin > the Mad Monk > the Mad Abbott. And that […]

Want a Quickie?

We were just trawling, interested to see whether Malcolm Turnbull had dropped another bucket on Mad Tony and we found this:

Tony Abbott – Guilty of ‘Logical Manslaughter’

Tony Abbott wants Peter Garrett to be charged with “Industrial Manslaughter”. But has he always felt so strongly about the appropriateness of this concept?

How Did We Miss This Gem?

So soon, we already miss a man we would have fulminated against, if we wanted to give him air. But now comes a highly entertaining piece from Malcolm Turnbull

Krystal Klearly Speaks Out – Secret Recording

New Pre-Meer, Krystal Klearly – Puppet, Poppet and Papist – has made it crystal clear that she is just another clone of every other loser to roll a sitting political leader.

NSW ALP Goes One Better

Yes, NSW Labor, determined to show the Liberals “anything you can do I can do better” are in the process of demonstrating that they can have a pointless bloodletting not just in Opposition but even in power.

Tony Abbott – New Leader of the DLP!

Media pundits waited breathlessly for a Sign when godbotherer Tony Abbott was declared in a puff of white smoke to have been elected Bishop of the New DLP

Carbon Crunch Time

For Joe Hockey this is not the tide in the affairs of Joe to be taken at the flood. It won’t lead to fortune. It’s the lowest of tides for the Liberal party

A Sweet Savour Unto the Lord

The Liberals and Nationals are positioning themselves way to the far looney right of Australian politics, like the teminally-twitching Republicans in the US.

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