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Archive for the tag "Howard"

Soul Murder

“Soul murder” — not a phrase one comes across every day.   By Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0, Sir Roger was listening to the ABC Science Show today. It was Robyn Williams’ homage to Oliver Sacks (Awakenings, The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat, Seeing Voices, Uncle Tungsten etc. etc. […]

Emile Zola

  So in the Cimitière Montmartre I found one of my heroes. Émile Zola   That is to say, I found the memorial. He is interred at the Panthéon. Why a hero? Amongst his many writings Emile Zola wrote this, which is as relevant today in our political discourse and climate as it was almost […]

Bullying and Schools

Just so we get clear about bullying….the world is awash with bullying. It’s not just schools. The Taliban are bullies. George W. Bush is a bully on a grand scale. Hitler was a bully on an even grander scale than George Bush. The Israelis are bullies who made the classic switch from victim to perpetrator. […]

War Criminal Howard, Jolly Joe and Mr Rabbit

War criminal Howard has become more unbearable than ever. On top of his strutting arrogance is a smugness to compensate for being such an abject, public failure

Historic Day for Democracy?

Historic day for democracy? So when Howard’s Senate changed the Act in 2006 there must have been rioting in the streets? Or the army was out to restore order?

Betting on a Two Whores Race

Sir Roger has chained his statisticians to the desk and they are hard at work deciphering the latest betting markets on the outcome of the Australian election

Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and the Red Cordial

With the recent burst of enthusiasm in Canberra the lesson to be learnt from it all is Don’t Let Unionists and the NSW Right Drink the Red Cordial.

Lest We Forget

We have to get past why we came here. Yes, forget the treachery of the players in the US, Britain and Australia. Let’s ignore the slaughter of innocent people.

Julie Bishop Death Stare

Values Australia has signed up as a member of “Julie Bishop’s Death Stare” on Facebook. Here’s why…

Brown Stains Pt 1

It sends a shiver of disgust down the spine hearing Gordon Brown trying to put moral distance between himself and the million or so Iraqis he has helped to kill

i-Howard 2.0

It is now clear that Kevin Rudd is not leading a Labor Party. He is channeling a dead man while he is still alive. He is Howard’s Mini-Me, i-Suck, 2.0

Rights of Man

John Howard is against a Bill of Rights and that’s enough for us. The little shit has always been so wrong that anything he is against is certain to be right

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