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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "house of representatives"

Gabrielle Giffords in the Crosshairs

Sarah Palin has with guilty haste taken down her web-page with the crosshairs over Giffords and replaced it with a page with “sincere condolences” and prayer.

Told You So

On 22 August, the day following the Great Big Election Excitement, Sir Roger commented on the real problem with the result … and it has come to pass …

Towards a Well-Hung Australia

So here’s how it looks for the outcome of the election if the people with connections and political savvy and heaps of money to risk were deciding the vote

Falling In Love With Australia (all over again)

So this morning Blue Gillard visited Aunty Quentin to ask her if she could have an election on 21 August. And as one watched one was shocked and delighted

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