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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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  Today, just a day after the failure of industrial negotiations between itself and the Unions, and with people still furious only three weeks after CEO Joyce gave the finger to its entire customer base, the Prime Minister and Australia generally, the Qantas social media uber-geniuses began a twitter campaign with the hashtag #qantasluxury, asking […]

Bullying and Schools

Just so we get clear about bullying….the world is awash with bullying. It’s not just schools. The Taliban are bullies. George W. Bush is a bully on a grand scale. Hitler was a bully on an even grander scale than George Bush. The Israelis are bullies who made the classic switch from victim to perpetrator. […]

Fiery Dawkins Takes On Ratzinger

On Saturday there was a “Protest The Pope” rally in London which 10-15,000 people attended and heard Richard Dawkins speak.

iPad Issues

How the iPad caused Hitler’s downfall … Even the mighty are frustrated …

Kevin Rudd’s Downfall – Film from the Bunker

Kevin Rudd’s Downfall: Secret film from PM’s Bunker. It was probably more like this than you would want to imagine.

reductio ad Hitlerum

in frustration the Vatican has proved Godwin’s Law – earlier than one might have expected, really, which shows just how rattled Ratz and the Vaticannibals are

History? What a Joke! LOL!

…college howlers collected over many years by a History Professor. Here are a few excerpts that had us falling off our throne (for you young things, ROFLMAO)

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