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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "GetUp"

Wikileaks Petition – Urgent

GetUp needs 100,000 signatures for its Wikileaks petition before its ad goes in the NY Times. If you wanted to do something about Julian Assange this can be it

Just When We’d Fallen In Love All Over Again

Just when we’ve told America how much we love her really and told her she’s so beautiful, she turns back into the evil witch and spits putrid saliva in our face

GetUp at Last Responds on Wikileaks

Sir Roger is really glad that GetUp has is taking some action on Wikileaks and Assange. You can be part of that action if you wish

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

We keep thinking of Jack Nicholson. “You want The Truth? You can’t handle The Truth!” Do we really need to be kept in the dark and fed bullshit like mushrooms?

What’s For Breakfast?

So here’s a website you might be interested to visit. It’s one that GetUp’s National Director, Simon Sheikh, says he checks first thing every morning.

This Is Not Over By a Long Boat Ride

Whoever wins this election, the issue of asylum seekers and the barefaced lies that are told about them by both parties is not going to go away soon.

Blowing Up

Things are not looking very good for the Magic Costumed One. The graph is beginning to resemble a …

Call Me a Liar

Latham-infested Action-Contract-Man, as he got down and dirty amongst hoi polloi in the Not-a-Debate, lied that he would be straight with the Australian people

Action-Contract Man Said WHAT?

GetUp’s Tony Abbott tv commercial – Abbott’s stated opinions on women’s, indigenous and other issues coming back, to haunt him. You can donate to get it on air.

Historic Day for Democracy?

Historic day for democracy? So when Howard’s Senate changed the Act in 2006 there must have been rioting in the streets? Or the army was out to restore order?

Clean Coal? New Gen Coal?

GetUp! says the answer to the coal industry attempt at rebranding “clean coal” is to rebrand their rebranding. “The good news is we have just the ad to do it.”

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