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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "Church"

Migently Mountain Manifesto #1

Sir Roger is returned from the Mountain with the Migently Mountain Manifesto and here are Tablets One to Five: 1.   Do what is right.     2.   You are safe. Now, at this instant, you are safe. You are safe, right here, right now. This might allow you to calm down and get […]

Louis CK Uncovers the Catholic Church

  How far is this from the truth about the Catholic Church? Especially the last line?    

Just Give Her an AM For Fuck’s Sake

MacKillop was probably a good bloke. But the bullshit of her canonisation, swamping a sceptical nation, is exasperating. And who is the patron saint of eunuchs?

Fiery Dawkins Takes On Ratzinger

On Saturday there was a “Protest The Pope” rally in London which 10-15,000 people attended and heard Richard Dawkins speak.

Bankruptcy and Lies

I wish the whole lying, damaging, exploitative, self-serving, illusory, man-made pretence that is religion would go away so I didn’t need to talk about it

Sunday Sacrilege – Marriage: Who Do You Do?

America’s Best Christian, Mrs Betty Bowers, explains to less informed Christians (and hell-bound others) the curious details of the Lord’s concept of marriage.

UK to Pay £20m to Criminal Gang

Who in their right mind would pay all the enormous expenses of a promotional tour for the “Holy Father” to come to your country to spruik his snake oil?

Take a Pew Beyond the Fringe

One of Alan Bennett’s most famous monologues. “But my brother Esau is an hairy man but I … I am a smooth man.”

Why NOT Benny Condoms?

The Catholic Church, hijacked into a militaristic system by a mad emperor in the 4th Century, is anchored in 6000 year-old anxieties of desert tribal culture

Images of The Creation

Creationism does include Adam and Eve before they ate the apple, doesn’t it? One favours of such imagery in puberty-rich classrooms of religious high schools

Happy Ostara – and Sorry About the Boss

Easter messages: so little right, so little honesty, so much brushing aside of the child-abuse that is tearing apart the credibility of the church and its pope

Are you tough enough for this?

Try watching this without tears of rage.
Scott Lively, saviour of Ugandan straightness, “knows more about being gay than almost anyone in the world”

Vatican Rag Outrage

religious zealots and catholic crackpots taking over civil society to spread their preposterous beliefs and protect their absurdities from public critical scutiny. So the Republic of Ireland has just brought in its new Blasphemy Law. Not everyone is happy about that, including Atheist Ireland which has published a list of 25 so-called “blasphemies”.

History? What a Joke! LOL!

…college howlers collected over many years by a History Professor. Here are a few excerpts that had us falling off our throne (for you young things, ROFLMAO)

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