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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "child abuse"

Soul Murder

“Soul murder” — not a phrase one comes across every day.   By Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0, Sir Roger was listening to the ABC Science Show today. It was Robyn Williams’ homage to Oliver Sacks (Awakenings, The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat, Seeing Voices, Uncle Tungsten etc. etc. […]

Stop It Or You’ll Go Blind (Brown Stain Pt 2)

Children do what is natural because they are human. Then religious parents turn their “sinful” natural lives into a horror story in which they are the monster.

Child Witches

If you didn’t see it yet, suck in your breath and be strong and watch this week’s Four Corners on repeat or on iView. It is a Channel 4 Discovery program called “Saving Africa’s Witch Children”. It is hard to take. Christian pastors in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, of the ultra-loony Pentecostalist variety, are […]

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