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Archive for the tag "betting"

Watch These Seats Tonight

Here are some seats worth keeping an eye on tonight. These are the closest seats we found on Betfair, some on a knife-edge:

Last Dance Last Chance

Well, here’s the Crash. It’s closing fast but apparently not quite fast enough. Centrebet claims …

Half-hourly Betting Changes for 20 August

Thought this could be a bit of fun, to see how the punters’ moods are changing throughout the day

Seats to Watch on Saturday

These are seats to watch tomorrow night, according to the betting markets. The outcome – hung or not – could hinge on these two:

Markets in Free Fall

Paddy Power has expanded its betting options in the last couple of days to include Labor seats won. They still have 76 – 80 seats as favourite. Just.

Abbott to Pull All-Nighter

Harking back to his days as an undergrad Tone swears he will get his essay in (“Why I wan ter be Priminister”) before Saturday’s deadline, pulling an allnighter

Towards a Well-Hung Australia

So here’s how it looks for the outcome of the election if the people with connections and political savvy and heaps of money to risk were deciding the vote

Barnaby Joyce for Foreign Minister!

One doesn’t know why, but Barnaby is one of the options in the market for Foreign Minister. What if he made Foreign Affairs as exciting as his Finance stint?

It’s a Cliffhanger!

We have a nailbiter, yes, but it’s not the overall result which still looks pretty much assured. The real cliffhanger is …

The sound of inevitability…

“You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… ”
Inevitability. Betting market looks like a straight line out the door for Abbott.

Abbott One Chance in Four

If the election outcome were decided on the betting markets then a rout of the Coalition of disastrous proportions would be looking like a foregone conclusion

Australian Election Odds 14 August

The market has clearly blown out on the Coalition. But what has happened in the last few days to cause this? Just the other day Abbott was proclaimed

Blowing Up

Things are not looking very good for the Magic Costumed One. The graph is beginning to resemble a …

Call Me a Liar

Latham-infested Action-Contract-Man, as he got down and dirty amongst hoi polloi in the Not-a-Debate, lied that he would be straight with the Australian people

Action-Contract Man Unsmuggles the Budgie

The pundits say the election is Abbott’s to lose but from the betting it’s still actually Labor’s to lose. Meanwhile Action-Contract Man unsmuggles the Budgie

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