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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Rupert Murdoch Protects Readers from Bullshit

  In the aftermath of his very public News of the World disgrace¹, as Rupert displays the abject decency and compassion he so miraculously discovered, today he has gone even further. Rupert Murdoch is determined to protect us from drivel, lies, bias, distortion and bullshit. He has today selflessly erected a paywall around his “flagship” […]

A Perfect Jewel

From Sir Roger’s ancestral pile to yours, please accept, in a box for Boxing Day, in the spirit of the giving season, this perfect jewel, in its luxury (U)tube.

Make Sha Prouder Beaner Strayn

This Sensitive New Age Cowpersons’ anthem surely, and ultimately, is what this election is all about. Beaner Dinkydi Strayn: an proudervit

Defence Portfolio

Gillard is full of words, void of content. She is quite absent. The only clue to her is that excruciating pain, as if your corneas are being scraped off

Pavarotti – O Sole Mio

Sir Roger has endured one of those dreadful fashion shoots to placate his fanbase (check the pictures) PLUS: Pavarotti sings O Solo Mio with Darren Hayes

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