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Archive for the tag "Australian economy"

Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

Why the Long Face?

  How do you think Australia’s economy is going, compared to the rest of the world?   Sir Roger wonders because some rainbow-lovers say it’s magnificent and some shrill hurricane chasers say we’re going to hell in a handbasket and doom is upon us. Sir Roger had his servan staff do some forensic research. They […]

What’s With Petrol Prices?

Unleaded petrol was $1.29/L last week. That was the price months ago when the dollar was worth much less. Shouldn’t it be more like 80 cents per litre now?

Action-Contract Man Unsmuggles the Budgie

The pundits say the election is Abbott’s to lose but from the betting it’s still actually Labor’s to lose. Meanwhile Action-Contract Man unsmuggles the Budgie

Peter Garrett’s Full Political Career

Peter Garrett’s political career – then: cardboard cutout; now: blancmange

What The! Liberal MPs on the Breadline?

Joe Hockey responded to the announcement of ex-Senator, now Professor, Robert Hill’s appointment to some carbon thingy…climate change initiative… today by saying that he welcomed it (guy’s a Liberal, after all) but added that he didn’t know why Rudd wanted to pay him.

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