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Archive for the tag "atheism"

Fiery Dawkins Takes On Ratzinger

On Saturday there was a “Protest The Pope” rally in London which 10-15,000 people attended and heard Richard Dawkins speak.

Atheists vs Fundamentalists

laser precision from xkcd

A. C. Grayling – Science and Religion

To whet your appetite for this excellent podcast – well worth a listen – here are some excerpts from AC Grayling’s talk from the Global Atheists Convention

Happy Ostara – and Sorry About the Boss

Easter messages: so little right, so little honesty, so much brushing aside of the child-abuse that is tearing apart the credibility of the church and its pope

Why Pope Ratzinger Should Not Resign

The Pope shouldn’t resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, child-raping institution while it tumbles

Preachers Who Are Not Believers

if Dennett and LaScola are right that belief is mostly aspirational for most people, it follows that few people actually do believe but merely wish they could

Dawkins on Evolution in the Deep North

Richard Dawkins’ speech about his new book, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, was recorded for ABC’s for Big Ideas. Here are a couple of brief excerpts

One Thing Led to Her Mother …

if you like your cause-and-effect “gee-whizzz!” then take a look at this falling dominoes video from OK, Go

FFS! [Oh for Goodness’ Sake…]

Cherie Blair, wife of the notorious war criminal, suspended the sentence of a man who broke another man’s jaw in a bank queue, because he is “religious”.

P. Z. Myers Downunder

P.Z. Myers has revealed his itinerary for his trip to Australia, where he’ll speak at the Atheist Convention, Melbourne, and visit some notorious Canberrans.

Stephen Fry

I have no quarrel with individuals who have faith. But damned if I’m going to have the battles won by the Enlightenment abdicated by a new Dark Ages.

Russell Rescues Roger

“Do you think there’s a practical reason for having a religious belief?”
“Well there can’t be a practical reason for believing what isn’t true.”

Sam Harris: The God Fraud

god may be dead but don’t let’s upset the natives – they’ve got guns and bombs and exploding underwear and if you’re unkind to them they might set them off. So let’s pretend for the sake of a peaceful life that he’s not dead, okay?

Vatican Rag Outrage

religious zealots and catholic crackpots taking over civil society to spread their preposterous beliefs and protect their absurdities from public critical scutiny. So the Republic of Ireland has just brought in its new Blasphemy Law. Not everyone is happy about that, including Atheist Ireland which has published a list of 25 so-called “blasphemies”.

Discworld’s Pratchett on Jehovah

Discworld’s Terry Pratchett explains his cosmology – or to put it another way, why he doesn’t believe in “god”. Plus “Sumerians confused as god creates world”

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