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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for the tag "American values"

Wikileaks Shock Evidence

Yes, here it is just in time for Xmas: the shocking photographic proof from Wikileaks that America is indeed a christian nation, founded on christian principles

Jon Stewart Restores Sanity

Can’t help drawing a parallel between Jon Stewart’s speech and Obama’s at the Democrat Convention when Al Gore was nominated for President.

Gratuitous Sunday

Yes, here’s this Sunday’s gratuitously offensive anti-religion – specifically anti-Christian – post.

GayCation Biggest News in Collapsing World

In a world on the brink of economic and environmental collapse the top US story is an anti-gay Baptist minister’s European gaycation with an internet rent boy

Something Brewing in the Tea Party

America’s Tea Baggers want to know what we think of them. Have fun with this poll!

Obama Shock Accident! says Onion News

Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner at the White House! – Onion News Network

Don’t Mention Kent State!

A righteous President taking the high moral ground would never avoid (for fear of the obvious hypocrisy) mentioning any strikingly similar event that might have happened in his own country, would he?

That’s What Dick Said

“Yes, I was the Torture Master and I think it was good. Torture is good, and hey, let’s forget about all those “high ideals” that America used to wrap around itself. It was all pretend and you know it.

From the Office of the Vice President

1. the suggestion was to use waterboarding; 2. it came from the Vice President’s office; 3. the purpose was to find a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq.

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