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Sir Roger is not, as you are aware, one to boast. However … he felt it right and proper to congratulate you, his cherished if vicarious friend, on your style, your taste, your intelligence, your discrimination and your excellent choice to visit him here. These results show that Values Australia is #1 for “Australian Values” on every important search engine in every market but one or two. In fact, Sir Roger was a little miffed that Japan was not seeing eye to eye with your (Googled) choice. So he checked and finds that Values Australia is #2 there, not #4.
More importantly to Sir Roger, Values Australia soundly and roundly defeats (specifically Deputy Secretary Bob Correll) at every turn (except Japan) and that is an accomplishment of which he is guilty of the sin of Pride. And of schadenfreude.
So come on Japan! Get some Aussie Values. We’ll put up some stories about whaling and southern ocean adventure cruises and how to turn the intentional decimation of cetaceans for the Japanese gourmet market into a discussion about the Scientific Method! And if that misses, we’ll have a conversation about cultural sensitivity for you and how, when deprived of the sacred cultural rite – which mere westerners don’t understand – of ambushing and then clubbing to death whole pods of dophins, you cry. Come on Japan! You know you want to get us to #1 in Tokyo!  

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