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Sarah Palin: Going Rouge


Sarah Palin: dino huntin'


(htt Norm)

The Guardian, in its “Digested read, digested” series, has a review of Sarah Palin’s “book”, Going Rogue, that is probably a more honest distillation of the spirit of the book than most other reviews – especially American ones – which, I suspect, would have treated it with at least a little respect (which it surely can’t deserve). John Crace treats it with the derision it deserves.

It was the Alaska State Fair, August 2008. I passed the Right to Life stand with my daughter’s face on their poster. “That’s you, baby-girl,” I said to Piper. “There’s no member of this family your momma wouldn’t sell out to promote her career.” As we watched three commy abortionists being burned to death, Senator McCain called my cell phone. Would I like to help him lose the presidential race?

[ … ]

“Where do you stand on God?”

“Sarah Palin won’t hold back on God, Senator. I’m proud to believe in the book of Genesis that says the Garden of Eden was in Alaska. Jeez, every December I even go out hunting dinosaurs.”

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