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NSW Politicians are Idiots and Slime

Sir Roger tells me he really didn’t want to have to write anything today. He has a new pair of Wellington boots and they are chafing his heels. He just wants to put his feet up and go to that nothing box men go to where women are not allowed. Perhaps this will help you to understand:

But he has to say something about the imminent NSW mudslide landslide…

WE DON’T DESERVE THIS! We don’t deserve NSW politicians.

We are better than this. When the Labor Party puts on its NSW election ads about how we don’t know anything about Fatty O’Barrel and the dangers of giving him absolute power – (and we don’t really know anything about him, not to mention the purchase it will give the evil and insidious Opus Dei); and when the Liberals (because the Nationals are irrelevant coat-tail hangers-on, let’s face it) put out their NSW election ads about how Labor can’t be trusted and they’ve fucked the state, and cronyism and corruption – or the appearance of them – seems rife, Sir Roger agrees with both of them.

They don’t deserve us. We deserve better. We are good people and for the most part they are not. They are ignorant political-game-players and the pieces they play their games with are us and our lives.

These NSW politicians as a bunch are slime and idiots and we are better than they are. Much better.

Nevertheless, Sir Roger also loves democracy deeply, and treasures it, and he will celebrate it next Saturday even though he may have tears in his eyes at the awful choices that will have to be made.

And so, when he returns home to the ancestral pile, to cheer himself up he will pour himself something regal (Chivas?) and sink into this celebration of humanity:

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