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Who Do You Think is Great? Or Average? Or Small?

Source: on Pinterest


On this definition most of the press, radio and television – at least the “popular” versions – are very small indeed.

So are most of the politicians who spewed their vitriol over the last week, including especially Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and the country’s most boring politician since Barry Unsworth, Simon Crean. Tony Abbott has rarely if ever talked about anything but other people and what is wrong with them (unless he’s talking about B A Santamaria or George Pell).

Some recent politicians have talked about “things”, but it’s rare that those things are anything but “Jobs Jobs Jobs” or “Teh Economy”. Or Pink Bats.

Australia has had politicians great and small. And very, very average. The Great politicians Australia has been blessed with are few and far between. In fact there are only two in Sir Roger’s living memory. And of course you can’t guess. Under the above definition the only truly great Australian politicians in the last 50 years have been Gough Whitlam and Paul Keating. And what is wrong with that? Well, people have hated them passionately. And the reason most people who dislike(d) them is that “most people” are small, or average at best if they are lucky, and couldn’t quite grasp the concept, or value, of talking about “ideas”.

Anyway, it’s just a definition and an idea someone made up.

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