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Naked Woman Could Win: Onion News




Poll Finds Majority Of Male Voters Would Have Elected Naked Woman

WASHINGTON—A CNN/Gallup Poll released Monday revealed that a vast majority of registered male voters would have strongly supported a naked woman in the 2010 midterm elections.

[ … ]

52 percent of respondents who preferred the naked woman said that nipple visibility was more important than job creation; 26 percent would accept higher taxes in exchange for a close-up view of her pubic region; and 18 percent stipulated that none of the good parts should be obscured by her hands if she wanted to earn their vote.

More here where you too can vote on the naked woman poll



Oprah Invites Hundreds Of Lucky Fans To Be Buried With Her In Tomb



Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem

According to a report released this week by the Center for Global Development, climate change, the popular mid-2000s issue that raised awareness of the fact that the earth’s continuous rise in temperature will have catastrophic ecological effects, has apparently not been resolved, and may still be a problem.

This 2007 chart predicting rising temperatures worldwide could still possibly be worth looking at today.

While several years have passed since global warming was considered the most pressing issue facing mankind, recent studies … confirmed that it is not only still happening, but might also be worth stopping.

[ … ]

“I was a bit surprised by our findings, because … we kind of just assumed that the threat of total annihilation spurred everyone into action back in ’07 and that everything got better…”

… recommendations … include fully comprehending the fact that human beings—actual human beings just like themselves—will be living on the planet when climate change begins to destroy it. The document also suggests that taking steps to prevent the earth from becoming completely unlivable should, for the moment, take precedence over tasks that do not do that.

Moreover, the report states that the 192 countries that participated in the U.N.’s 2009 conference in Copenhagen to fix climate change should have used the 12-day symposium to fix climate change.

More on the Global Warming/Climate Change report findings



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