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Migently Mountain Manifesto: Stave the Second



When we swear to something, that is kind of a proper commitment. The word “swear” comes from an ancient word that means “to speak”. To say words.

In one the most savagely beautiful and exceptional works of fiction, the book of John begins, “In the beginning was the word…” Sir Roger prefers his own variation: “In the Word is the beginning.” Speaking your word, “swearing”, makes possible the real-isation of your intention or your desire.

When you “give your word”, do you mean it as a commitment, a guarantee? Or is your word just something you said? If you say you will be somewhere at 1 o’clock, can people know that you will be there at 1 o’clock? Or do they make allowances for you? Do they tell you lunch is at 12.30 because you’re always half an hour late? How does it make you feel to be a person that people make allowances for, that other people “manage”?

How do you relate to your word? When you make a promise is it just “aspirational”, or is your word who you are?

When what you say is guaranteed, when you are your word, when what you say becomes what you do, then you have enormous power, because what you say unquestionably comes to pass. People will want to hear what you speak, so that they know what is going to happen in the world and make their plans.



I don’t believe in capital punishment and I am not a murderer, nor am I remotely murderously inclined*. But, like you, I know that if someone threatens or touches my child I am capable of killing them without compunction.

This might give you pause next time you bray (from a safe distance) for some poor bastard’s blood. One day they could be braying for yours. And in the circumstances you may suddenly not agree so enthusiastically that your own execution would be such a good thing, or that judicial murder in general is a good thing.

*(except in the supermarket when people with no peripheral vision obliviously block an entire aisle, with their trolley parked sideways against their bottom, crouching, scanning shelves for as long as it takes, as if there were no other human beings of consequence in a world miraculously built and managed solely for them, and if there were it wouldn’t matter.)



Either you control your emotions or they control you.

You have your emotions or you’re at their mercy. It’s up to you.

This thought gives you a place to stand outside your emotions where you can consider them from some distance if you need to. It doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions (you always will), or that they’re bad (they’re good), or that you shouldn’t enjoy them (you should), it just gives you choice if you need it. And it puts you in charge of them when you need to be.)



Either you run your life, or plenty of other people are happy to fill the gap and run it for you – to get what they want. At your expense. It’s your call.



Thank the universe for hot showers.



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