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Archive for category Sport

Migently Mountain Manifesto: #1 (unscheduled interruption)

We interrupt this pre-recorded segment to bring you an impromptu message from our sponsor. Sir Roger has been touched by the loyalty of one of his longterm readers and a fellow-blogger to muse on the importance of friends. What is a friend? A friend is someone who cares, fosters, encourages and shares, someone who is […]

Wimbledon Politics

 Wimbledon parallels Australian politics for tennis tragic Sir Roger on this Men’s Finals day. So in a nutshell, the way Australian politics is going at the moment, Labor is 2 sets to love down, and down a break early in the third. Julia really has to drink a cup of concrete and harden up if […]

Still The One

Sir Roger is not one to boast. But he felt it right to congratulate you, his cherished friend, on your taste, intelligence, discrimination and excellent choice

2010 – Google’s Short Version

Google has released the results of its zeitgeist survey of the most popular search terms for 2010. This is the video.

Anarchy in the UK

With enormous respect to the genius who created the original, here is a joke for the sophisticated (i.e. the middle classes) and Sir Roger’s inelegant mash-ups

Cleverest One-Time-Only Play Ever

If you missed it – millions haven’t, please try to keep up – this is probably the cleverest one-time-only play in American Football history

Latest Election Betting

f you extrapolated from the last few days there’s obviously something nasty lurking in Julia’s woodshed. It’s probably time for Labor to take this election on

Election Market 28 July

Note the narrowing in the last day or so with the Gillard leak …

Football! Football! Football!

There is some sort of kickfest going on and one or two people are becoming slightly excited in the key of B flat. These two films will help you understand why

Soccer is Gay Pt 2

A matching bookend for the Onion’s story. What a sense of occasion this balletic referee has! How he lifts an otherwise mundane game into mesmerising spectacle!

Millennial Jubilation

      Today, Sir Roger celebrates his 1,000th post in 1277 days – or exactly 3½ years – since the inaugural, ungainly, embarrassing post – Minister von Rock Opens Australian Refujesus Exhibition – on 15 October 2006. Since then he has improved marginally, been mentioned in the Press and on numerous websites, and been […]

Tiger Woods Returns to Sex – The Onion

“Woods said during his time away from sex, he couldn’t stop thinking about resuming his daily regimen of sex with women who look like his wife, only skankier.”

Australia to Win 2010 America’s Cup?

What has Astraya got to do with the 2010 America’s Cup challenge? A lot! Australian technology and Australian pilots could mean the difference in the outcome.

Happy ChriFSMas

Happy Christmas, or Xmas, or Saturnalia, or Mithraismas, or Festival of Sol Invictus, or whatever dodgy god-bothering suits your fancy…

20% off Borders’ Books Online

Borders is offering 20% off all online purchases until midnight Friday 6 November.

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