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  Sydney Sings Verdi Requiem If you’re in Sydney next weekend (3pm Sunday 28 April) Sir Roger has a shameless plug for you. Actually, Sir Roger has a PEAK MUSICAL AND SENSUAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU (Sir Roger knows how much you like a sensual experience.) This year marks Verdi’s 200th birthday and the truly excellent […]

Roger Waters The Wall Coming to Australia

        […oh, and New Zealand…]   This is a heads-up that Roger Waters’ The Wall is heading to Australia and NZ early next year. It’s been a phenomenon in the US and Europe and the shows are certain to be booked out especially with only one concert scheduled in each city at […]

Romeo Void – Never Say Never

Play loud! I might like you better If we slept together I might like you better If we slept together I might like you better If we slept together But there’s somethin In your eyes that says Maybe That’s never Never say never

I Know What Girls Like

I’ve got what girls like; I’ve got what ladies want. They want boys like (boys like) me. I make them want me. I like to tease them. They want to touch me. I never let them. I am so special -as you have noticed. I am so different – want to protect me – so […]

I Love Your Wobbly Bits

Sir Roger is a sucker for a gorgeous girl, but Imelda May is clever and truly talented with a fabulous, sassy voice and it’s a great song. Plus she’s Irish …

I Just Had Sex

I just had sex, on The Lonely Island with Akon, Jessica Alba and John McEnroe, and then fireworks with Katy Perry, followed by an antacid tablet

A Perfect Jewel

From Sir Roger’s ancestral pile to yours, please accept, in a box for Boxing Day, in the spirit of the giving season, this perfect jewel, in its luxury (U)tube.

Did You Know? Amazing Internet

just proves the point of the speed technology is changing the world. It’s exponential. Two years ago it was all MySpace, and Facebook barely rated a mention.

Bill Bailey Comes Home

The thing about comedians is that the actually funny ones are really intelligent also. Bill Bailey is really intelligent and really funny. And off the wall.

Justin Bieber? Unbelievable! Unbebieberable!

Justin Bieber? Surely not …

Pussy Yodelling

No pussies were harmed. Just slightly annoyed.

“Fuck You”

Keeping up the Sunday tradition of giving offence

Let There Be Rock!!!!!

Here is a creation myth Sir Roger can believe in. It may well be the Meaning of Life set to music. Let There Be Rock!!!!

Comfortably Numb

Sir Roger happened to catch Pink Floyd on his mobile-wireless-machine-that-plugs-directly-into-the-ears and was shaken by of the final verse. So here it is:

Happy Birthday, Schuey!

Yesterday was the 200th birthday of Robert Schumann. I thank the universe for his genius. Today I miss my dad because he introduced me to the Schumann’s music

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