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Archive for category Medicine

Lord Roger Migently?

  Sir Roger Migently, as you must surely realise, has been quite unwell. He has been managed like an unlucky skier in an induced coma these many months since September 2013, when the floor of the Migently Mansions entertainment complex collapsed beneath him and he landed heavily on his Conservatory, hitting his head repeatedly against the wall. […]

Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

Amazon Selling Wikileaks Kindle e-Book

Having ejected Wikileaks from their servers, are selling “WikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies” as a Kindle e-book.

2010 – Google’s Short Version

Google has released the results of its zeitgeist survey of the most popular search terms for 2010. This is the video.


Sir Roger is grateful for the unending genius of Mr Fish

Tax Cuts or Money or Something

Some sort of tax cut or money or something reported in economic news this week and a lobbyist is hired to represent the American peoples interests in Washington

It’s Another Mary Miracle!

5 minutes of fawning, braindead, cowardly MacKillop sycophancy had Sir Roger’s faith in the rationality of the press disappearing down the toilet with his vomit

Another Brilliant TED Talk

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

Equal Time for Every Theory? – Ønion News

Fresh Onion! Armageddon vs Global Warming cataclysm. Also, why not teach the Science of Prayer beside the science of Medicine in the Science Classroom?

The Immunization Fraud

These are excerpts from a 15-page comic, an impressive, clear explanation of the Immunization-Causes-Autism fraud perpetrated by greedy liars on gullible people

A Little Inspiration (Actually, a Lot!)

Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor had a massive stroke and watched as her brain functions shut down one by one. An astonishing, inspiring, deeply moving story

Millennial Jubilation

      Today, Sir Roger celebrates his 1,000th post in 1277 days – or exactly 3½ years – since the inaugural, ungainly, embarrassing post – Minister von Rock Opens Australian Refujesus Exhibition – on 15 October 2006. Since then he has improved marginally, been mentioned in the Press and on numerous websites, and been […]

US Health Bill Passes

Obama’s universal health bill has passed the House. It is being hailed by Mistah Presidunt as a good thing. As an Australian we would like to say:

The Man Who Thought He Was a Poached Egg

Dawkins on Dateline, Bertrand Russell on belief – particularly on “undesirable” grounds (such as if you think you’re an egg).

Christopher Maloney is a Quack

Naturopath Christopher Maloney is a cowardly quack. Also dangerous.

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