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Special Intel Ops

Special Intel Ops, Sir Roger is required to inform his readers, may actually AT THIS VERY MOMENT be taking place, or be in preparation, or at the very least in prospect. (Clutches pearls.) It has come to Sir Roger’s attention, or may have come to Sir Roger’s attention, or may in the future come to […]

Life in Australia

Robert – a self-styled “foreigner” to our shores – is most upset to have been hoaxed by the false promise and dashed hopes of life in Australia. A few days ago Robert commented on an ancient post here at Values Australia and his comment was upsetting. Sir Roger cannot bear the thought of another’s pain […]

The Next Big “Sorry”

Want a long-range heads-up? The question we should be asking Abbott and Gillard and all of their various immigration spokespeople right now is this: How do you feel about the inevitability that – possibly in your lifetime – a future Prime Minister of Australia will stand up in Parliament to make a heartfelt apology on […]

Australian Values

The Migently Mountain Manifesto   Australian values have lately been enthusiastically asserted by some Australians and Sir Roger has been much impressed – in much the same way a washed-up prize fighter feels the repeated impressions of his opponents’ fists in his guts.   These assertions of “Australian values” tend to be energetically debated in […]

The Malaysia Solution

Here is Sir Roger’s advice on asylum seeker/immigration policy for Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and the rest of Australia’s panicked, “pragmatic” [=unethical, immoral and stupid] political elite who are slavishly, and in terror, reacting to the unholy self-righteousness of the christian right, the egomaniacal commentariat and the ignorant unwashed. It comes straight from the bible […]

Being White – Louis CK

    Louis CK on being white. Sir Roger nearly choked on his Château Barréjat, spat out the truffle-marinated baby’s nipples…before realising it was shockingly true.  

Forget the Pacific Solution: Here’s the New S-E Asian Solution!

  The Pacific solution didn’t work. We know that. It made too many people go mad (unless, of course that’s the point and Tony Abbot is in favour of that).   Here’s an idea! While Julia and Tony are cat-fighting over who can think up the most brutal, vicious and inhumane treatment of people seeking […]

Don’t Come to Australia Or the Kid Gets It!

  So Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is moved by humanitarian motives. Probably in the same way as his predecessor Philip Ruddock was a fair dinkum believer in the values of Amnesty International while he was ruthlessly screwing the lives of countless fellow human beings. “Let your heart bleed publicly for the oppressed while cruelly oppressing […]

Drown Asylum Seekers?

WIIIAI (Whatever It Is I’m Against It) informs us that 100 years ago on 5 March 1911, in San Pedro California, immigration authorities prevented a ship smuggling “contraband” Chinese coolies landing at San Pedro, shooting at the launch. So the coolies were dumped into the Pacific Ocean and drowned instead. Can it be long before […]

Tony Abbott is Race Baiting, I Believe

… and Not by Accident, in my private opinion. Ah, those heady days of the Master Dog Whistler, Tony Abbott’s other political mentor, John Howard. Is Tony Abbott a racist? If someone uses racial differences, or racial stereotypes, or racial fears for any purpose including political advantage, whether or not they actually believe that people […]

Election Day Blues (and Reds)

Rising today Sir Roger discovered to his interest that the odds had ticked up overnight and returned where they had begun 24 hours earlier. What can this mean?

Towards a Well-Hung Australia

So here’s how it looks for the outcome of the election if the people with connections and political savvy and heaps of money to risk were deciding the vote

Gillard in Free Sauce Furore

What’s bigger than axing a Prime Minister, more damaging than cabinet leaks, more worrying than a Resources Super Tax and could bring down a Prime Minister?

PROOF Lying Tony Abbott and the Lying Liberal Party are Liars

Oh, Mr Liar Abbott, your pants are SO on fire!! Take a look at this. What is wrong with this picture from the latest lying Liberal Party commercial?

Comfortably Numb

Sir Roger happened to catch Pink Floyd on his mobile-wireless-machine-that-plugs-directly-into-the-ears and was shaken by of the final verse. So here it is:

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