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Being White – Louis CK

    Louis CK on being white. Sir Roger nearly choked on his Château Barréjat, spat out the truffle-marinated baby’s nipples…before realising it was shockingly true.  

Roger Waters The Wall Coming to Australia

        […oh, and New Zealand…]   This is a heads-up that Roger Waters’ The Wall is heading to Australia and NZ early next year. It’s been a phenomenon in the US and Europe and the shows are certain to be booked out especially with only one concert scheduled in each city at […]

No Porn Please, We’re Christians

“Sexual Positions for Christian Couples”, with images of sex which are “not pornographic”, came across Sir Roger’s desk. Well! A glass of iced water please?

If Only Miaouing Were This Simple

new xkcd brilliance and Nat King Cole

A New Australian Flag

Sir Roger has used this New Australian Flag for four years.
It succinctly and stylishly captures the past and present cultural influences on our great nation.

I, Lover!

For Strayaday – Three pomes. The first written under the Poa Tree, the birthplace of Australian cultchooreay where A.B. (Alan Border) Paterson used to camp.

Believe It Or Not!

Amazing Penguin discovery and an unseasonal spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. Perhaps this might help to explain the mystery of a penguin colony in Sydney.

Domain Renewal Scam

Ranting because it’s Xmas and people should be nice to each other, apparently. My gift to you – where to get the cheapest domains, plus Merry Xmas or whatever.

New! Ted Robinson on Education

Sir Ken Robinson PhD is inspiring and hilarious. His first TED talk is the most popular ever. This one is an animation of the RSA talk that he gave this year.

Hallelujah Chorus as You’ve Never Seen it Before


Happy Xmas, Carol

This sweet Christmas song by Tim Minchin is on a charity Christmas CD being sold in Myer. The vocal is by Kate Miller-Heidke. Bit of a fuss about it, apparently

Anarchy in the UK

With enormous respect to the genius who created the original, here is a joke for the sophisticated (i.e. the middle classes) and Sir Roger’s inelegant mash-ups

Love Unrequited – xkcd

For Sir Roger this modern work cuts deep into his soul, as if the artist knew him and were mocking him. Or, no, it is the human condition, universal and eternal

Cleverest One-Time-Only Play Ever

If you missed it – millions haven’t, please try to keep up – this is probably the cleverest one-time-only play in American Football history

Woman Goes Back to Work after 30 Years

Woman Goes Back to Work after 30 Years. Watch carefully. 4 seconds only.

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