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Soul Murder

“Soul murder” — not a phrase one comes across every day.   By Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0, Sir Roger was listening to the ABC Science Show today. It was Robyn Williams’ homage to Oliver Sacks (Awakenings, The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat, Seeing Voices, Uncle Tungsten etc. etc. […]

Anzac Day 2011

  On this Anzac Day 2011: If there is one thing that can be said of war it is that it is a massive betrayal of Humanity. It is a monstrous failure of human imagination, vision, ingenuity and intelligence. It is an unconscionably, and intentionally, blind refusal to allow any other possibility. It is a […]

I Just Had Sex

I just had sex, on The Lonely Island with Akon, Jessica Alba and John McEnroe, and then fireworks with Katy Perry, followed by an antacid tablet

Happy Xmas, Carol

This sweet Christmas song by Tim Minchin is on a charity Christmas CD being sold in Myer. The vocal is by Kate Miller-Heidke. Bit of a fuss about it, apparently

“Fuck You”

Keeping up the Sunday tradition of giving offence

The Stiglitz Perspective on the Economic Spin

Columbia University Professor and Nobel laureate economist, Joseph Stiglitz, says he is very unimpressed by the hysteria over the “great big debt and deficit”.

Delaying the Economic Apocalypse

Sir Roger has been confused by endless growth and wonders from where the profit can endlessly come. Who pays in the end? These two items ask these questions.

Happy Birthday, Schuey!

Yesterday was the 200th birthday of Robert Schumann. I thank the universe for his genius. Today I miss my dad because he introduced me to the Schumann’s music

ABC TV News Theme – Pendulum Remix

Holy Moly! Just the thing we’ll need for our next triumphalist venture into total war?

URGENT: Roger Waters Touring Pink Floyd’s THE WALL in 2010

Roger Waters is touring The Wall from 15 Sept to 13 Dec 2010, through the US & Canada. You can apply for presale tickets for a better chance of getting tickets

A. C. Grayling – Science and Religion

To whet your appetite for this excellent podcast – well worth a listen – here are some excerpts from AC Grayling’s talk from the Global Atheists Convention

Dawkins on Evolution in the Deep North

Richard Dawkins’ speech about his new book, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, was recorded for ABC’s for Big Ideas. Here are a couple of brief excerpts

the bastard love child

Sir Roger has belatedly discovered a Lieder soprano of exceptional brilliance. Barbara Bonney’s voice is simply exquisite. Here’s “Mondnacht” from Liederkreis

Covenant With God Up For Renewal

The Jews’ covenant with god is up for renewal, says Doyle Redland, Onion Radio News

What Makes Life Perfect

Something perfect and so pure that the hair rises on the back of your neck and tears come to your eyes. Kathleen Kim as Olympia in The Met’s “Tales of Hoffman”

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