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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Something Brewing in the Tea Party



Ah goodness me! The Tea Baggers want to know what we think of them. Have fun with this poll! (But don’t go to the home page of the website without a bucket.)

Always the Tea Party has been too American for us to comment on although if it somehow gets someone like Palin elected that will be relevant. But there’s a poll in the US that might give one hope. Yes it is online and therefore completely unreliable and it has been visited en masse by Pharyngulites amongst others obviously. But the number of people who have voted exceeds a quarter of a million [UPDATE 2 May: now nearly 600,000]. The results are breathtaking, really, even in those states that are traditionally gun-toting crazies with their heads attached to their bodies with a bolt:



The polling software is sophisticated enough to break down the results worldwide into states. Here’s the result for NSW:

Let them know what you think!



[htt Pharyngula]



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