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It wasn’t such a surprise, we suppose, but Bhutto’s reported assassination, while it saddens us as another display of humanity’s inability to grow up, confirms our contempt for religion in general and that one in particular. Let those who constantly proselytise for their imaginary friends in the sky now loudly proclaim again how religion is the only source of morality and ethical living and how preferable it is to the evil godlessness of thoughtful, rational choices made on the basis of the verifiably real world, human needs and human relationships.

We haven’t had any particular opinion about Bhutto. We have read and heard both that she was charismatic and Pakistan’s only hope and that she was completely corrupt and as Prime Minister would be the worst possible thing to happen to Pakistan. We simply don’t know. We don’t think it matters. Pakistan is a toilet, a disaster. It always has been. It is not just corrupt. It is, irretrievably, Corruption itself. And yes, we’ve been there. It has no foreseeable hope of redemption and advancement until it gets rid of its religious madmen and its military loonies. And that’s not going to happen.

No half-rational, half-intelligent politician, let alone an honest one, is now going to take the country on. Sane people prefer to live.



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