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Mountain Manifesto of Australian Values Stave the Fourth

Part Four of Sir Roger Migently’s exposition of Australian values as revealed during his epiphany on The Mountain …


Most people are fairly good natured.

Very few people wish you any harm.

Most of them want to help you.

Very few people want to hurt you.

Some do.

Some just want to use you.


It turns out there actually are two kinds of people in the world.

TYPE 1: There are those whose default position is that any new person they encounter has friendly intentions. Until proven otherwise. These people are almost always right.

TYPE 2: And there are those whose default position is to assume that any new person they encounter has hostile intentions until proven otherwise. These people are almost always wrong.

People who are Type 1 either naturally, or through experience or environment, enjoy a far superior quality of life because their experience is that they are always surrounded by friendly, helpful people. Their own friendliness generates reciprocal friendliness in others. So they generate increased niceness in the world in general. Type 2 people do the reverse and live a life of fear, foreboding and loneliness.

Most people probably think (when they think at all) that the type they are is “just the way I am”. But it is a choice a person can make.


Nobody knows what the fuck is “really” going on. Anyone who claims to know is either deluded, a liar, or a charlatan who is after your money or your body, or naked power. The people who are most likely to claim to know are priests (of whatever religion) and politicians.


Most people don’t have their homes burgled.

Very few people are mugged.

Most people will be in at least a minor car smash of some kind at least once in their lives. Very few of them will have to go to hospital.

You would not think this if you relied on commercial television news or some newspapers, or political oppositions, in whose financial or political interest it is to terrify the masses.


If you live long enough, you will experience joy, love, courage, triumph, fear, loss, sadness and a broken heart.

That is called Life.

Embrace it all with everything you’ve got because it’s all you’ve got.

Get as much of it as you can.


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