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Seven Bad Words

Buck Fush

Don’t recall how I found this site. No, yes I do. I was googling around trying to find out what had become of the website, and there’s this prissy old twit on a site called going on about “Buck Fush” bunper stickers.

But is this Dennis Prager a prissy fatuous old dill or what?

He complains about public profanities and claims that they come more from the “left” (the Democrats) than from the right (the Neo-Con/Neo-Nazis).

But higher civilization has always regarded the use of expletives in public (outside of, let us say, theatrical performances) as a form of assault on civilization. That is why as a broadcaster I am prohibited from saying seven selected words on the air. No one monitors my private conversations, but just about everyone, at least until the 1960s, understood that there was something very wrong in saying such words on the radio or putting them on billboards.

That is why we have, as a society, crossed a line when people put expletives on bumper stickers (“S–t Happens,” “Buck Fush”) or use them in public in distinguished company — as in newspaper interviews or campaign fund-raisers. Even the individual who puts a “Buck Fush” sticker on his or her car knows that the real “f-word” would constitute an assault on whatever remains of the concept of decency.

Never mind that he arrogates “higher civilisation” to himself and his repressed, repressive kind, or that he makes the outlandish claim that “higher civilization has always regarded the use of expletives in public … as a form of assault on civilization” – what completely unfounded nonsense – and that that is why he can’t say the Seven Selected Sinful Words – he can’t say them because it would upset Aunt Millicent who is a little old Christian lady with a delicate moral constitution, and fear of upsetting little old ladies like Aunt Milllicent has run American morality since the Pilgrim Fathers, having escaped religious persecution in Britain, proceeded to religiously persecute the unbelieving natives, and to burn heretics at the stake. Or drown them.

I’ll tell you what a public profanity is that crosses the line and assaults public decency:

It’s invading Iraq. It’s the sight of right-wingers (who self-congratulatingly think they are comfortably middle-of-the-road) like Dennis Prager cheering on the slaughter of innocents and the rape of a sovereign country in the name of God. And then feeling righteous about it. And then complaining that people express their anger about it in public.

And I wonder what those seven nasty little words he can’t say on radio might be….

Well, they are:

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits.

George Carlin says so:



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Posted: 27 June, 2007 at 9:22 am

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