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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for July, 2013

Not 2007 – But the Excitement Lingers Like a Well-Fermented Fart

Strangely enough this title could be, but isn’t, about the next election. It’s about Labor Icon Gruff Wiblam and his pale irritation Steel Rod. As you may be aware it is no longer 2007 and John Howard is not a Prime Minister any longer, merely still a silly irrelevant old shit. Sir Roger, overwhelmed at […]

Going Atomic, the Final Solution: MAD Abbott Ups the Ante on Boat People

In a stunningly breathtaking move to protect us from the cunning boat people’s terrorist plot to pollute Australians’ precious bodily fluids, Tony Abbott has just upped the ante in the desperate arms race against evil refugees. The man who would be Prime Minister has embraced the Cold War MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) policy, announcing that […]

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