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Archive for February, 2012

Who Do You Think is Great? Or Average? Or Small?

Source: on Pinterest   On this definition most of the press, radio and television – at least the “popular” versions – are very small indeed. So are most of the politicians who spewed their vitriol over the last week, including especially Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and the country’s most boring politician since […]

Sir Roger Archived in Perpetuity

Sir Roger has just received a request from Canberra saying that the National Library of Australia wished permission to include in the PANDORA Archive of Australian websites. So … Sir Roger … archived in perpetuity. That’s a kind of immortality. Fame of a sort, one supposes. It’s better than not being archived at least. […]

Shock Weightloss Surprise! The Migently Mystery Solved!

Where has Sir Roger been? Why has he been absent from his adoring public? Well, first and least, how could Sir Roger satirise Australian politics any more than Australia’s laughingstock politicians were doing by themselves? How could he point out the ridiculous any more clearly than the ridiculous politicians themselves? It is an unavoidable fact […]

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