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Archive for April, 2011

Drool Britannia!

Today we celebrate the marriage of an unemployed¹ man, the son of a barking madman and a kindergarten teacher, to a fashion accessory buyer, the daughter of a flight attendant and a flight-attendant-made-good as a mail order salesman. Nothing wrong with that, of course. There are many people who get married every day with a […]

Communities Thank Pokie Addicts

  Right around Australia – which is, you know, NSW and a couple of other fairly unimportant (albeit it occasionally charmingly old-fashioned) bits – Community Leaders are in panic over the impending loss of all essential local services due to proposed restrictions on the spending behaviour of pokie addicts. Particularly in rural areas. The most […]

(Sigh…) Barber Dies

  The whole world, most of the Milky Way galaxy and much of the rest of the observable universe, is in deep mourning following the untimely death at 85 of the world’s first really truly true living god and actual – no, honest – miracle doer. The man was apparently a barber, (Hindi baba) although […]

Anzac Day 2011

  On this Anzac Day 2011: If there is one thing that can be said of war it is that it is a massive betrayal of Humanity. It is a monstrous failure of human imagination, vision, ingenuity and intelligence. It is an unconscionably, and intentionally, blind refusal to allow any other possibility. It is a […]

Women in Uniform

Poor old dill-brain Barnaby (Rubble) Joyce comically suggested today on Insiders that perhaps he was a bit old-fashioned about women in uniform. I just couldn’t get my head around shooting a woman. Maybe that makes me a bit old-fashioned and I imagine other people get themselves in the same position. Nor would I like to […]

Skype Sex

Sir Roger is really upset. He went on Skype today but there was no live sex waiting for him. Nothing from the Australian Defence Force Academy. No soldiers at all, actually. But surely everyone knows the rules, as the brass are now saying. If someone agrees to have sex privately they are also agreeing to […]

Romeo Void – Never Say Never

Play loud! I might like you better If we slept together I might like you better If we slept together I might like you better If we slept together But there’s somethin In your eyes that says Maybe That’s never Never say never

I Know What Girls Like

I’ve got what girls like; I’ve got what ladies want. They want boys like (boys like) me. I make them want me. I like to tease them. They want to touch me. I never let them. I am so special -as you have noticed. I am so different – want to protect me – so […]

Sex: How To Get A Guy To Notice You

… while you’re having sex with him: How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him

Suzie Loves Jesus

Jesus is the light of the world. Oh, jesus!

Help Sir Roger’s Love-Sick Friend

Love-sick, that’s Sir Roger’s friend, unfortunately, and Sir Roger needs your help. Sir Roger has a friend – no, really – who is, to put it politely, totally smitten with this girl. Love-sick is what he is; there is no better way to describe it. UPDATE: Sir Roger’s “friend” has responded fiercely to Sir Roger’s […]

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