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Archive for January, 2011

Julian Assange 60 Minutes CBS

Julian Assange interviewed for 60 Minutes. Presented without comment. Come to your own conclusions (or not) – about Assange, Wikileaks, the US media, whatever.

Justin Bieber Gets On Top Of Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are hot news together again this week. The Jonas Brothers not so much.

Sir Les Patterson’s Australia Day Address

“Proud to buggery!” Apart from the wallaby scrotum duffle bags, what did Oprah ask Sir Les to dump? When did Australia discover sex? What have we done about it?

No Porn Please, We’re Christians

“Sexual Positions for Christian Couples”, with images of sex which are “not pornographic”, came across Sir Roger’s desk. Well! A glass of iced water please?

If Only Miaouing Were This Simple

new xkcd brilliance and Nat King Cole

A New Australian Flag

Sir Roger has used this New Australian Flag for four years.
It succinctly and stylishly captures the past and present cultural influences on our great nation.

I, Lover!

For Strayaday – Three pomes. The first written under the Poa Tree, the birthplace of Australian cultchooreay where A.B. (Alan Border) Paterson used to camp.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Extraordinary images! When Sir Roger found this image he was very sceptical. He’s seen he’s never seen one like this. He checked. It’s real!

Believe It Or Not!

Amazing Penguin discovery and an unseasonal spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. Perhaps this might help to explain the mystery of a penguin colony in Sydney.

I Love Your Wobbly Bits

Sir Roger is a sucker for a gorgeous girl, but Imelda May is clever and truly talented with a fabulous, sassy voice and it’s a great song. Plus she’s Irish …

A Sciencey Xmas, Weird Placebo Effects

A Sciencey Xmas celebration with Robin Ince, Ben Goldacre and Brian Cox, Weird Placebo Effects, Amazing Universe and Onion News is Back with the Palin Effect!

Gervais @ Golden Globes: All the Good Bits

You can see them squirming in their seats with exquisitely conflicting emotions. “Will he mention me? He should mention me! God I hope he doesn’t mention me!”

Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais blows off Hollywood, probably loses friends and future talk show engagements. But who needs friends when you’re the most brilliant man you know?

Assange Skeleton Case

Great article in Crikey today by Greg Barns, barrister and director of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, on the strong skeleton argument by Assange’s legal team

Who Cares If Global Warming Is Man-Made?

Influential and surprising people go to bat for dealing with global warming or clean air or both – including a CIA Director and Richard Branson.

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