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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for December, 2010

Return to Work Stress Test

Your stress levels may be dangerously high in anticipation of returning to work. Here’s a quick test that find out how high and decide what you need to do next

Life in a Box

An animated video so cute, so retro, so euro-quirky, and yet … so fucking harsh!

I Just Had Sex

I just had sex, on The Lonely Island with Akon, Jessica Alba and John McEnroe, and then fireworks with Katy Perry, followed by an antacid tablet

A Perfect Jewel

From Sir Roger’s ancestral pile to yours, please accept, in a box for Boxing Day, in the spirit of the giving season, this perfect jewel, in its luxury (U)tube.

Domain Renewal Scam

Ranting because it’s Xmas and people should be nice to each other, apparently. My gift to you – where to get the cheapest domains, plus Merry Xmas or whatever.

Amazing Lunar Eclipse Photos

Check out this picture, one of a series taken by Twitter users of yesterday’s total eclipse of the moon, posted on Mashable.

Extraordinary Relationships

“What percent of your relationship are you responsible for?” “50%!” “But what if you were responsible for 100%, not because it’s true but as a place to stand?”

New! Ted Robinson on Education

Sir Ken Robinson PhD is inspiring and hilarious. His first TED talk is the most popular ever. This one is an animation of the RSA talk that he gave this year.

Wikileaks Shock Evidence

Yes, here it is just in time for Xmas: the shocking photographic proof from Wikileaks that America is indeed a christian nation, founded on christian principles

Wikileaks Petition – Urgent

GetUp needs 100,000 signatures for its Wikileaks petition before its ad goes in the NY Times. If you wanted to do something about Julian Assange this can be it

Amazon Selling Wikileaks Kindle e-Book

Having ejected Wikileaks from their servers, are selling “WikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies” as a Kindle e-book.

How To Write to Your MP

You may be roused by recent events to write to your local member. Here’s an entertaining tutorial on how to do that effectively. It’s from TED, so good, right?

Just When We’d Fallen In Love All Over Again

Just when we’ve told America how much we love her really and told her she’s so beautiful, she turns back into the evil witch and spits putrid saliva in our face

Spectacular NASA Space Shuttle Footage

Your heart will pound, your jaw will drop, your tongue will flop to the floor, your brain will expand. You’ll want to be a spaceman or spacewoman all over again

David Cameron on Transparent Government

The similarity between British PM, David Cameron’s, statement on government transparency and Wikileaks’ current activity is delightful but he doesn’t get it.

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