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Archive for September, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, ‘There’s No Decent Men Out There’

Yeah, right. Another populist knee-jerk reaction to an urban myth from a senior politician. “Obama Releases 500,000 Men From U.S. Strategic Bachelor Reserve”?

Told You So

On 22 August, the day following the Great Big Election Excitement, Sir Roger commented on the real problem with the result … and it has come to pass …

QUT: If You Can’t Say Something Nice …

We know the Bible and Koran he smoked are just books full of bullshit, hopeful imaginings, fanciful explanations, bad social theory and vengeful threats.

Struggling With This One

Yes, just trying to figure out exactly what this means, in a job ad

Fiery Dawkins Takes On Ratzinger

On Saturday there was a “Protest The Pope” rally in London which 10-15,000 people attended and heard Richard Dawkins speak.

Bankruptcy and Lies

I wish the whole lying, damaging, exploitative, self-serving, illusory, man-made pretence that is religion would go away so I didn’t need to talk about it

How Stupid Are We?

Forget al Qaeda. The real terrorists are … GERMS. But don’t worry! There’s a real War on Terror going on. Dettol has a new product for germ-terrorised mums.

Let Us Prey

Leader of the world’s largest organised paedophile ring has been greeted by QEII with the courtesy due the head of a globally-tentacled society of child rapists

Immaculately Conceived – the Ad They Banned

This ad was banned because a pregnant nun might be seen as a mockery of Catholics’ beliefs. How about, the beliefs of Roman Catholics deserve to be mocked?

Pussy Yodelling

No pussies were harmed. Just slightly annoyed.

Child-driven Education: Sugata Mitra on TED

Take a moment to be inspired and amazed by something incredible that is going to change your world and that you probably didn’t even know about.

That’s What She Said

From Onion News: Nation’s Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan: ‘Let’s Move In Together’, plus Police Slog Through Slutty Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

Let’s Get This Straight

We got what we wanted: we gave both bastards a thumping. And they are both going to have to fight the toughest, most delicate political games of their lives.

What’s For Breakfast?

So here’s a website you might be interested to visit. It’s one that GetUp’s National Director, Simon Sheikh, says he checks first thing every morning.

The Reality of So-Called “National Seats”

What pisses off Sir Roger is how people, urging the independents to side with the Coalition, refer to Kennedy, Lyne and New England as “National Party seats”.

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