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Archive for August, 2010

Perfectly Balanced

Has there ever been an election outcome like it? It simply couldn’t be closer right at the moment with the 2PP at precisely 50% each.

Tickle Me Emo!

Classic Emo Phillips stand up comedy video from Harvard, plus a taste of this weeks’ BBC Radio 4 Friday comedy podcast from the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Meaning of Life – Sunday Sacrilege

Insights from the great Joseph Campbell, mythologist, best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion, author of The Power of Myth

Pork Migently

Despite what some are still saying, the AEC on its website has closed off the result, declaring no seats are doubtful. Here’s how the parties finally stack up.

And Now For the Porkfest

It is such a joy to watch the desperation of the major parties and the cringing, oozingly insincere performances they are now displaying for the Gang of Three

We’re At War!

It’s understandable that ignorant journalists get it wrong when the agenda for them is to become famous and be glamorous and who cares about the boring facts.

Swing? What Swing?

the Swing to “Informal”, at 1.69%, was larger than the swing to the Liberals (0.62%), or any other opposition party. But the swing to the Greens was 3.53%.

Intelligent Girls Are Sexier*

Intelligent Girls Are Sexier … especially the ones who love reading

The Front Fell Off Again

Can there be anything that typifies more the plight in which federal Labor finds itself today? PLUS what Bob Catter really feels when no-one’s looking AND MORE

Don’t Forget Someone Has to be Speaker

In all the talk about hung parliaments and who’ll be first to 75 the pundits seem to be ignoring that whoever’s first to 75 would have to provide a Speaker

‘no premature triumphalism tonight’

Well, the people have had their say but one doesn’t understand what they mean.

Watch These Seats Tonight

Here are some seats worth keeping an eye on tonight. These are the closest seats we found on Betfair, some on a knife-edge:

For Those Afraid to Vote …

The election in a nutshell – and in Mandarin. And how the Sex Party fits in (if you’ll pardon the expression).

Election Day Blues (and Reds)

Rising today Sir Roger discovered to his interest that the odds had ticked up overnight and returned where they had begun 24 hours earlier. What can this mean?

Last Dance Last Chance

Well, here’s the Crash. It’s closing fast but apparently not quite fast enough. Centrebet claims …

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